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posted on 06.03.09

I was reading my morning blogs today, in particular, the Satorialist and I came across a reference to the "best design article ever written." The article, in Fast Company features an interview with Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice President of Apple's Industrial Design.  Now, like all design/art people I am obsessed with everything Apple.  I am not religous but if I were I would worship at the temple of Apple products.  I preach about their amazingness to just about anyone who will listen.  Jonathan Ive came on in 92' to help with Apple's redesign and the revamping of the company and has been changing the face of modern design since.   So I immediatley searched the internet to find this article written by Charles Fishman, which I knew would be really interesting.  The article was written when the first candy colored imacs came out so the references are a little dated but the advice still holds true today. Here is the link to the article:



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