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posted on 06.12.09
by Arty

Art blogs to bookmark!


The virtual component of the print magazine, has a ton of features to check in with daily. Their “Picks” page is up-to-date with critics’ picks of current shows (along with an archive of past shows) everywhere from New York to Tokyo. “500 Words” features short takes from artists on their own work and experiences, as told to editors of artforum. And of course, the home page keeps you informed on art news and events as they happen.


ARTnews is another virtual component of a long-running print magazine, which was founded in 1902. The site features several articles from the current magazine, as well as a great archive and links to learn more about art. Their "Up Next" issue gives hints about upcoming articles.


More in the spirit of the 90’s ‘zine, this site isn’t really a blog but an e-mail magazine which is delivered twice-monthly to subscribers (for free) and covers international art, design, and architecture.

Design for Mankind

A great art/design blog, this is run by the same editor who produces Manking Magazine, which is a monthly online magazine that can be downloaded for cheap, and usually runs about 40-50 pages of really interesting, full-color features on design, art, and photography.

Share Some Candy

From their about page: “sharesomecandy is a curated collective of inspiring design finds and art. the content is appropriate for all audiences - 9-99. criteria for inclusion are finds that are universally inspiring, beautiful, and thought provoking. every image is referenced to its found location through a 'via' link.” A great place to surf archives and come across a new artist.

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