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posted on 06.03.09
by Arty

We all know what the deal is with the current economic situation within the U.S., kinda seems to be used as an excuse or a quasi-new 'concept' for a lot of artists and designers these days. However- in response to it, Chandelier Creative and Parsons: The New School of Design have teamed up to spark young fresh design talent to help them answer the question that maybe they couldn't figure out? "What are you going to do to F**k the recession?"

The reasoning behind this is to recruit the creative New York community to break beyond the typical cautious restraints and to create some work that is completely unique and to rise above the economic circumstances.

This is also a competition for students of the Parsons: New School for Design Students. The campaign began with a city wide poster campaign, and all creative individuals are encouraged to log on to the website to submit their pieces. However the contest is only open to Parsons students.



Unknown User says:
“Yeah I agree with you on this one. Although the upside of an economic situation like this, and many others in history, is that it challenges creative individuals to think/create/produce work that pushes the boundaries due to restrictions and limitations. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
“I don't really know what to think of any of this. Remember Holland Cotter's article in the NYTimes? "The Boom is Over, Long Live the Art"? Is campaigning for talent that "f--ks the recession" really productive? I was under the impression that, if an artists/designers were taking their job seriously, they should be trying to challenge the boundaries of taste whether the economy is in the pits or not. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
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