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I spent almost an hour completely enraptured by the brilliantly fluid, strange and swirling new work by Belgian-Morrocan choreographer Sidi Larbi being rehearsed at Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance on West 26th St this afternoon. I'm covering it for the Boston Globe before its premiere at Jacob's Pillow July 8-12. Among today's most exalted of European choreographers, he often presents an angst-filled world with no exit and no relief only unyielding anonymity. Yet his movement language is so vibrant and sensual that his dances invigorate. The Cedar Lake dancers are extraordinary, clearly reveling in the depth and complexity of the work. Called Orbo Novo (New World), it's set to an original score by composer Szymon Brzoska that swings between almost baroque classicism to Stravinsky dissonance. The Joyce Theater will present it in the fall.

I've added a YouTube snippet from the work he did with British choreographer Akram Khan 2 years ago



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“Thanks for this. I was mesmerized as well. I just posted a 2008 interview with Sidi Larbi and linked it to this post. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
“great. i love his work. he's coming to BAM this fall with his deut with Juliette Binoche”
Posted over 6 years ago
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