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These short pieces of film depict designs that incorporate movement to communicate an idea to a viewer.  Although literally millions of common objects can move- cars, clocks, scissors, switches, etc., they use the alternation from one state to another, on or off, going or stopped, to perform a function.  The designs shown here instead enact a small performance, a short narrative by a mechanical ‘creature’ that says something only a human could understand.

These designs exist in the spaces between the usual definitions and categories: product, sculpture, clothing, performance, plaything, machine. They are not simply explained but must be experienced. Enjoy!

Nacho Carbonell

Spanish furniture designer living in The Netherlands has created organic looking papier mache chairs with attached “cocoons” for alone time. This film is of the “Pump It Up Chair” which is a large amorphous air filled cushion. By sitting down small figures attached with tubes gradually wriggle and twist as they inflate.

There is responsibility and loss in creation.

(Pump It Up Chair)

Thomas Heatherwick

English designer and artist who founded Thomas Heatherwick Studio (now called just Heatherwick Studio) in 1994 “to bring architecture, design and sculpture together within a single practice”.

This bridge, in one intuitive motion, transforms from ‘male’ to ‘female’.

(Paddington bridge)

Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan is a British/Turkish Cypriot fashion designer. His graduate collection at Central Saint Martins in 1993, titled “The Tangent Flows”, contained clothes which he had buried in his back yard and dug up again. Björk commented about Chalayan: “He raises daily life to a level of something magical, he was born with these powers and it is a question of whether 50,000 business people are willing to go there with him.” . He did the jacket on the cover of ‘Post’ and several costumes for her tour in 1995.

Without clothing, do we experience a moment of Paradise or damnation?

(Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer 07 Collection Show)

Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist and sculptor. He builds large works which resemble skeletons of animals and are able to walk powered by wind. He has been quoted as saying: “The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”

The organic and mechanic often share simple patterns.

(Animaris Rhinocerus) and (Strandbeest)

Wind Turbines

The modern power generating wind turbine has been developed through the work of many individuals. A common modern design is a tri-rotor blade mounted on an aerodynamic pedestal. The combination of a scientifically efficient design with this elementary form on a titanic scale creates an object that elicits many emotions. The impromptu style of this film, without dialog, speaks to the astonishment of suddenly spotting these colossal machines while driving.

Wind is a primeval force that can both destroy and assist.

(Wind Turbine film)


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