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posted on 06.18.09
by Arty

1. buy a kitten and lick it clean so it thinks your it's mother (the bond is beautiful)

2. listen to Angry Samoans and break useless things in your underwear

3. read every Hunter S. Thompson book (and TRY not to be influenced)

4. read every Allen Ginsberg poem in the nude

5. write poetry on endless busrides and read it (while drunk) to whoever is listening

6. spin in circles til' your pants fall down

7. hit your head against a church bell

8. hitchhike no where and take a bum out for a beer

9. stay up until your eyes are as big as the stars

10. kick so much ass because life isn't worth it

Unknown User says:
“Concerning number 3, by influence do you mean walk, talk, and move your fingers the way he does? Because I just read The Great Shark Hunt last week and can't stop mumbling.”
Posted over 6 years ago
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