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posted on 05.16.08

As I sit here at my desk and type into this machine into this form field - and on my desk are hundreds of multi colored folders, files, papers, prints, dvd's, art work, mac mini, camera, another camera, phone, images, books, 2 ipods, notebooks, smaller notebooks, another phone, loose pieces of paper, more notes, print outs, file boxes, photo boxes, file drawers, sketch pads, drawings, magazine tear sheets, hundreds of magazines, letters to post, rhodia pads, moelskine noyebooks, post it notes, business cards, more books - and now I imagine how many of these things I am continually feeding into this machine and which get distributed here, there, and then get tagged and are associated with other things, re-purposed, remixed, lost, re-tagged and then thing of so many other in this imaging doing what I am doing and so I wonder where things are, about the notion of where and things and are.

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