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posted on 05.30.09

as mentioned in the blog below, the dominance of the french new wave and so-called american independent film in cinematic discourse is long overdue for a dispersion; what i'd like to suggest is a working list of independently-minded films and filmmakers which offer other perspectives on the form, be they postcolonial, emerging out of nonalignment movements, feminist, etc. these films recognize that micropolitical intervention finds struggle and problematics at the very level of form. think of this not as an anti-cannon, but simply a countercartography.

handsworth songs, who needs a heard, seven songs for malcom x, the black audio film collective

2046, wong-kar wai

79 springtimes, santiago alvarez

the apu trilogy, satyajit ray

bad lieutenant, abel ferrara

bad timing, nick roeg

battle of algiers, gillo pontecarvo

blade runner, ridley scott

close-up, a taste of cherry, abbas kiarostami

the cloud capped star, ritwik ghatak

elephant, alan clark

ganja & hess, bill gunn

the gleaners & i, agnes varda

heat, michael mann

hour of the furnaces, octavio getino & fernando e. solanas

inland empire, david lynch

the intruder, claire denis

jaguar, jean rouch

kaagaz ke phool, guru dutt

le samourai, j.p. melville

a moment of innocence, mohsen makhmalbaf

otolith i-iii, the otolith group

rockers, ted bafaloukos

salvatore giuliano, francesco rosi

sans soleil, grin without a cat, chris marker

state of siege, costa gavras

soy cuba, mikhail kalatozov

symbiopsychotaxiplasm take one, william greaves

videogrammes of a revolution, harun farocki

all andrei tarkovsky


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“i'm just stealing blade runner back from its admirers.”
Posted over 6 years ago
“Great list, except, I don't get what Bladerunner is doing here! It's a staple of film school discourse, and pretty canonical... defend yourself!! Chris Marker and Agnes Varda, however, are definitely micropolitical intervention (what a great way of putting it).”
Posted over 6 years ago
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