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Supra Natural - Exhibition & Opening Reception

February 15 – May 10, 2013
Berkeley Central Arts Passage, 2055 Center Street, Berkeley

Artists’ Reception: Feb. 20, Wed., 6-8pm


Kala Art Institute and Berkeley Central Arts Passage present Supra Natural.
Please join us for the Opening Reception on Wednesday, February 20, 6-8pm.

Artists: Bessma Khalaf, Carrie Hott, Elizabeth Mooney, George Pfau, Mayumi Hamanaka, and Sarah Fontaine


Supra Natural presents the work of five visual artists and one writer as it relates to the immeasurable character of nature: big, beyond, fast, mystical, and utterly overwhelming. Supra Natural is the second exhibition in this new exhibition series featuring artworks from Berkeley-based artists and the Kala community. With three exhibitions yearly, Berkeley Central Arts Passage looks forward to being a part of the vibrant downtown Berkeley Arts District and forging new connections between artists and audience.

Bessma Khalaf presents two large-scale photographs that dwarf the viewer and one that creates a mystical tableau. Carrie Hott installs a compilation of research in various mediums making her subject familiar but peculiar. Elizabeth Mooney’s paintings capture a contemporary take on landscape painting – she is concerned with the speed with which we perceive nature today. Three prints by George Pfau focus on the permeable and transitional nature of skin and of the human body itself. Mayumi Hamanaka’s work investigates human stories as they relate to the landscapes – socio-historical and psychological both – that we inhabit and traverse. Sarah Fontaine presents a language-based work that speaks to the immensity of responsibility.


Berkeley Central Arts Passage
2055 Center Street, Berkeley (between Shattuck and Milvia)
Viewing hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm


For further information contact: Amanda Curreri, Kala Community Engagement and Events Manager,, | 510-549-2977

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