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posted on 05.29.09

American Photography has released the 25 winners of their new book for 2008. Ii found this a bit confusing because on the site in the web gallery labeled "chosen for book" there are well over 25. over 50. and then there is a separate "chosen for web gallery" section. so i dunno.

while i did enjoy a large handful of the images, i certainly did not enjoy the majority, nor did i find many of the images remarkable. i have, though, compiled a list of the photographers whose work i do think is definitely worth looking at in the AP25 gallery.

erik almas, evgenia arbugaeva, walter astrada, christopher baker, edward burtynsky, j carrier, jesse chehak, matt eich, floto+warner, balazs gardi, dima gavrysh, chiara goia, christopher griffith, nick haymes, sean hemmerle, yuri kozyrev, ryan mcginley, dan nelken, sally peterson, shaul schwartz, callie shell, amy stein, brent stirton, ian teh, alex tehrani, paulo verzone, stephen wilkes, dan winters, andrew zuckerman.

the AP25 covered documentary/photojournalism, fashion, portraiture, and more. besides some of the photgraphy that i just really found to be banal, repetitive, or strikingly unoriginal, my viewing was made worse by the terrible viewer layout/web design and just generally user-unfriendly interface. oh well.

i do have to say that i was surprised to see so many obama photos. and while its not just that there were so many, its that a few seemed repetitive or uninteresting. and then i was surprised that i didnt see any of mccain. someone has to have taken some photos of mccain that are good to look at...

anyways, its a ton of photos, and the slideshow is certainly worth taking a look at because you will definitely see photos you recognize, many names youve never heard of, and a few that you may like.

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