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posted on 05.29.09

Billy Eichner, half of the dynamic team that brought you Creation Nation, is branching out with a solo run GAY WHITE AND TERRIFIED, at Joe's Pub with three shows left (6/1, 6/8, 6/12).  Best known for his 'Man on the Street' videos, Billy has worked on stage, TV, and wrote for the current season of The Big Gay Sketch Show on LOGO.  Obviously he is not scared to open his mouth.

Rants: Billy could teach a college level course.  He can set up a string of zingers that will leave you breathless, spell bound, possibly wet in the pants.  Usually centered on a single subject, Billy has a LOT to say about Mr. Depp, Ms. Jolie, well anyone famous enough to hold an US Weekly cover.  His thought process is astounding and his conclusions are at once startling and reassuring.  Time Out New York said it best, "If America’s love/hate relationship with fame were ever to yield a child, he might look a lot like Billy Eichner…a case study in celebrity obsessiveness voicing outrageous, hilariously mean spirited rants against the vicissitudes of fame."

He is also fearless.  While interviewing Cynthia Nixon she noted that she was "too busy as a child actor to experiment with girls to realize she was a lesbian."  Billy replied without dropping a beat, "as an actress you started out very young, but as a lesbian you started out very old." (Page Six)

Like many celebrity hang outs, Joe's Pub is usually worth avoiding.  However, this, I promise will be worth it.

check out some videos and buy tickets here (,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,4478)

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“Hello! Funny video. You just can't imagine the Escorts in Melbourne laughing for this one! :)”
Posted over 4 years ago
“This is so epic! Very funny. :) Kylie here.”
Posted over 4 years ago
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