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So last Tuesday the NYTimes put out a call for Polaroids following an article about the desire for instant film in the Netherlands. Something like 1,000 people sent in Polaroids and NYTimes went through and narrowed it down to about 400, all of which they put online to check out.

All of them have a captions ranging from a few words to a few sentences describing the image. Some are even referential to Polaroid and the dying medium of film. I think that it's important that the art process happen and progress and that we continue to reflect on process.

Does anyone shoot Polaroid? Lets see them if ya do! Link to them or post to them in the comments. I've always wanted an SX-70. When I bought my Polaroid a few years ago, I immediately started searching online for cheaper film. I managed to get my hands on a pack of Benihana stock, which has a red border and the Benihana logo. It's great because I remember having gone to Benihana as a kid for birthdays and getting the same kind of Polaroid at the end of the nite. This is one of my dad in florida a few years ago.

Anyways, back to the NYTimes. Several submissions are ditypchs or triptychs and there are a range of films used, like Spectra, TZ, monochrome, expired, and more. It's really great to see people come together and share such interesting and personal work that has no pretense and just exists as momentary, whereas a lot of photography tries to stretch the idea of time in too twisted of a way. Polaroid is the momentary.

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