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posted on 05.27.09

Standing at the reception desk of a retirement home. Alex Mackay learns that his grandfather died under mysterious circumstances a month before. A photograph of his grandfather with a mysterious woman visitor sends Alex on a loopy quest through back alleys, dreams and childhood memories in an attempt tp resolve the deepening mystery. "Sin Titulo", a weekly webcomic by Montreal comic artist Cameron Stewart, is an engaging story about family, memory and emotional obligation.

Stewart's comic appeals to me because his art is a testament to the interdisciplinary possibilities of comic art: he combines elements of visual language from American film noir and European comics with a strong design sense to convey the complex story with an extraordinary readability. Stewart uses contrasts straight out of 1940s Hollywood. Harsh light and heavy shadows, polite calm and threatening aggression, cool dames and beat-up thugs. The story's quick pacing is carried through with small panels. In the tradition of European comics, which also prominently feature mystery stories, Stewart's richly detailed backgrounds anchor simple but eloquently-rendered characters. This weekly webcomic neo-noir keeps me coming back because of how well it balances all of its parts.

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