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posted on 05.26.09

The upcoming New Yorker issue (week of June 1) boasts a 21st century face lift. Drawn in less than an hour, the image depicts a typical Times Square setting...drawn completely on the artist's iPhone.  BRUSHES is an application that essentially turns the touch screen smart phone into a Wacom tablet.  Don't believe me?

The is also a new application just to prove my point, BRUSHES VIEWER.  Follow the link to see the video of the designer's every stroke.  ( ) Watch him build the background, then cover it up with a hot dog cart, and two tourists... 

Still up for debate is how, exactly this art is readied for print.  It doesn't seem like it could possibly be print ready right from the phone, vectors or not.  But The New Yorker asks you to believe otherwise. 

So hands up for innovation!  It certainly skyrocketed Jorge Colombo, the artist, to the cover of The New Yorker.  Not an easy feet at all...

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