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posted on 05.24.09
by Arty

Lucia Neare's Theatrical Wonders presents site-specific work throughout Seattle, Washington.  The 'Lullaby Moon' series is a year long project devoted to the exploration of dreams.   On each new moon, for an entire lunar year, the city of Seattle is invited to become enraptured in a whimsical display of dream-like enchantment.

Presenting the eighth chapter of 'Lullaby Moon', twenty beds will adorn the shores of Golden Gardens Park on Sunday, May 24th.  At 8 pm, the dream begins.  Dancers donned in white dressing gowns, clock girls, and horse people will entrance the audience as live music streams from boats sailing toward the shore. 

With choreography by Olivier Wevers and musical direction by Matt Goodrich, Lucia Neare's vision is sure to delight viewers of all ages.

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