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Let's start by saying this group is not from California. It is from Colombia, South America. "El Grupo de Cali" was formed by young intellectuals who share a taste for film, rock and salsa music. It could be said that distances itself from the "Magical Realism" of García Márquez  for an urban approach that also describes social conflict and issues around youth identity in the seventies.

The main icon of the group is Andrés Caicedo, a prolific multidisciplinary artist. His early dead made of him a cult figure for young Colombians but also prevented his work to be know in the rest of Latin America. His novel "¡Qué viva la música!" accounts the salsa and rock scene of the early seventies through the voice of woman. The novel carries a fresh slangy beat voice and encourages a honest genuine living.

Along with Caicedo were filmmakers Carlos Mayolo, Luis Ospina and Ramiro Arbelaez, as well as Teatre director and writer Sandro Romero Rey. The film style of the group mix cinema verite, italian neo realism and french wave with drops of fantasy and vampirism. The social critique is constant in their works. 

Members and recommended works:

Andrés Caicedo: "¡Qué viva la música!" (Novel) 1977.

Carlos Mayolo: "Carne de tu carne" (Film) 1983

Luis Ospina: "La desazón suprema: retrato incesante de Fernando Vallejo" (Documentary)  2003

Sandro Romero: Clock Around the Rock (Non Fiction) 2008

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