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posted on 06.03.09

This is a very image heavy post, as I think it should be! I recently interviewed Hugo Werner about his collages, and along with his work I found the work of his students, part of an Experimental Typography class that works with collage and typography. I love love love the idea of this project, which involves collage, transfers, lettering, stamps, stencils, and calligraphy. "The main objective is to explore the materiality of the word-image," says Hugo.

What I find so fascinating about this experimental project is the way each student interprets the assignment differently, and of course, the excellent use of typographic elements. I think it's such a valuable collection of student collage work!

Students working on their projects (below).

Visit Hugo's Flickr for more images from 2007 and 2008.

“very very cool :) do you know eduardo recife's work too ? he is pretty amazing too - and from Brazil. his website is i believe ...”
Posted over 5 years ago
Aprile Elcich replies:
“Yes I definitely do! I will post about his work next : )”
Posted over 5 years ago
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