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posted on 05.22.09
by Arty

Many beautiful women in the world but none as sophisticated as Monica Vitti. The films of Michelangelo Antonioni were actually the reason I took my love affair with film to the next level and enrolled in film school. His films (pre-Blow Up) are like puzzle boxes, there to uncover new secrets with each subsequent viewing. A perennial favorite of mine starring Antonioni's favorite muse Monica Vitti is his first color film, 1964's "IL DESERTO ROSSO" (RED DESERT) and it's like watching a film in color for the first time. Red Desert was the first film after Antonioni's classic, immortal "Oblique" trilogy (L'Aventura, La Notte, L'Eclisse) and I find that it is actually Antonioni at his most Oblique, his most obscure. his most opaque. One looking for his classic visual symbolism started in L'Aventura must look even harder, much harder in RED DESERT. Not everyone can hang with this stuff but one thing that definitely becomes apparent is that intellectual films like this are simply not made anymore.

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