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For almost thirty years, like so many talismans, jewelry capture our desires and assemble according to our desires. This year, the Austrian maker Thomas Sabo brand expands its universe a collection dedicated to the diamond.

In 1984, after traveling the world, Austrian designer Thomas Sabo UK puts his suitcases in Bavaria to devote himself to his passion for silver jewelery 925, composed of 92.5% pure silver. Symbols (crosses, clovers, wings, horseshoe) bestiary (butterfly, dragonfly, bat, snail) and essential female (chocolate, stilettos) are available as well as charms, precious charms, clinging to necklaces or bracelets as you wish. Women love these jewelry nomadic imagination, which allows every whim. Soon, shops thrive in the world, from Las Vegas to Paris via Moscow and Shanghai. The brand is also known for its delicate pearl medals and drops of color (amethyst, rose quartz and smoky), which are among his bestsellers.

With its new Sweet Diamonds, Thomas Sabo Sale confirms the abundant creativity of its Artistic Director, Susanne Kölbli “I wanted a more sophisticated collection for women who want to play with their femininity. “Roses geometrized arabesques, like mandalas, are adorned with diamonds therefore, a touch of gold draws yellow corolla around a round cut diamond on a daisy never thinned, which nestles in the neckline dresses or fine rings, bracelets and earrings, a node wise invite to play false naive … Malice is indeed never far away. For proof, pendants season: polar bear, fur boots and even penguins come from Antarctica to urban warming.


THOMAS SABO CHARMS CLUB celebrates the beautiful things in life! Because good and happy times are accompanied by our favourite things. And it is precisely these things that make each and every occasion so unforgettable. The parade of the new Charms from the Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Charm Club Collection – new favourites for the beautiful aspects in our lives.

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