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     The theft of art usually takes place for the purpose of reselling the art work to a private collector. That special someone who's been eyeing up a nice little treasure to have all to themselves. Criminals normally steal art for bartering, drugs, weapons, big money, and any item that is a hot luxury in the underworld banking system. In 2005 what is believed to be a up Mercedes truck plus a crane rolled up to Henry Moore's estate, in Herfordshire England. The pick up truck backed up to a two ton bronze sculpture, pulling it out of the ground. The high the thieves most have felt knowing that they were looting a national treasure. Fast forward to today, in the last days the New York times and the Guardian have run small articles on the artist Henry Moore regarding his 2 ton creation.

      Mr. Moore is know as a national treasure to Britian. During the 1930's he was know as a premiere artist of his time. One comes see the reason for a group of people to want to make some extra cash off of the 4.6 million dollar sculpture. Mr. Moore's work is showcased around the globe, making it pricer to purchase his work. Plus Mr. Moore is no longer living, so he won't be masterminding anything new soon. These highly skilled thieves really know what they were doing. Jon Humphries the detective chief inspector of the Herfordshire police thinks the thieves cut up the sculpture on the night of the crime. Fortuntely the Moore estate also has a video of the thieves pulling up to the sculpture. Nice job, hope they thought to wear masks. The Herfordshire police later recovered the vehicle and crane used in the theft.

    It would be interesting to find out where the said truck was found. Did the thieves ditch the truck on the side of the road? Probably not, they probably back it up to some secret thieves only location to unload. Catching the thieves running down the road with a 2 ton sculpture in hand, would make the story more interesting. The thieves packaged and shipped the cut up "Reclining Figure" in the process, damaged it up a bit, for good luck. The final destination shipping the sculpture some place abroad. The some place aboard seems undeveloped in general, but hey that is what the Herfordshire police are saying. These investigators are totally on top of their game. The thieves most have really thought they'd get a nice mint of green cash, in exchange for the bronze sculpture. 

    Often stolen pieces of artwork net a higher price. The thieves most have been surprised when they could not resell the sculpture do to damage. In turn they needed to make a little cash. So they sold it for scrap metal, which profited around $2,300. More then likely they broke even, with shipping cost, gas, finding a truck and crane. The truck and crane were presumably stolen. The economy was doing okay back in 2005 why not get a job and call it a day. No crazy stock market, credit crisis or what ever else American with the assistance of Bush created. Or better yet they probably would have made better money looting Iraq national treasures. A couple of tickets to Iraq, with a war going on, come on who would know. The exchange rate and price would be a win win situation. Nope not these thieves they had big dreams destroy a true English treasure, skip the cash. So next time you past by a contemporary piece of bronze casting give it a touch it could be Mr. Moore's "Reclining Figure".     



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