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It's been 10+ years and my answer hasn't changed. 'So, what's your favorite .. ?'. It's 1997 and Mark Romanek has recreated 'the luminous grime of 1960's South Africa as seen in the pages of Drum magazine', his official website site tells is. Janet Jackson's  'Got Til it's Gone' video is raspy, sultry, and sticks to you like the jazz age to the dark nightclubs. The dancers, the earth tones, the blue tint à la City of God - the video gave meaning to the word 'organic' before zen got hip, and features some of the most beautiful light ever been seen in a music video (in my very humble opinion). Romanek, known for his sublime work as a music video director (think of any amazing music video you have seen in the past 20 years and chances are, it was his), goes all out with startling shots in the purest cinematic form. Notice the two little boys dancing together, rigid yet graceful; the bird on the man's top hat; the head shaving moment; the National Geographic moment on that color tv. What could have been a dark piece on the misery of apartheid becomes a hymn to resilience, in the most perfect symbiosis of good vibes, killer Joni Mitchell samples, beautiful fashion moments and the sexiest dance moves. 

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Got Til It's Gone
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