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posted on 05.21.09

You’ll be hard pressed to spot any flaws in Éric Aubertin’s series of hard-edge abstracts titled Imperfect Works currently on show at the Visual Voice Art Gallery. Aubertin’s striking use of composition and colour echoes the œuvres of Tousignant, Judd, and early Stella, but step a little closer and you’ll spot the added ingredient: materiality. The angled colour fields and stripes slashing across the picture plane aren’t painted on the surface, but are a collage of the most mundane materials: duct tape, velcro strips, audio-cassette tape, even phosphorescent acrylic sheets. Some of Aubertin’s works such as the piece Bandes No 2 made of chocolate brown audio tape are minimalist, emphasizing on the material. Only a small, pale splice sticker on the tape gives a hint of its original use. Other works are vibrant and complex, balancing primary colours and pure blacks. One thing is for sure: after seeing this exhibition you’ll never look at adhesive tape the same way.

Visual Voice Art Gallery
space 421
Éric Aubertin
Imperfect Works
exhibition period: May 14 - June 6, 2009

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