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Deadline: Tuesday 20 March 2012, 6pm (UK time)

Residency 9: Metamorphosis 02

Location: Manchester, UK

Timescale: 6 weeks from 9 April 2012
(9 April 2012 – 21 May 2012)

Description of Residency

The Metamorphosis series of residencies is conceived of as a regenerative development following on from the success of the first residency programmes at ArtFunkl. It is aimed at artists who are enthusiastic about working within the Manchester environment, and who are energetic about making connections in this context.

Metamorphosis 02 residency is an opportunity for artists to confront new ideas, or experiment with their work, unrestricted by any formal or commercial considerations, over a 6 week duration. This is regarded as a period of exploration, without any pressure, with a completely open brief for how the work should be shown at the end of the residency.

Manchester has a very active art world, as well as an active cultural life in other creative fields, such as entertainment. The aim of the Metamorphosis Residency is to allow artists to absorb and use this dynamic, while reviewing their past thinking, and experimenting beyond what they have already achieved.

You will:

Have space and time to work on your own project.
Show your work during the final week of the residency in an event to be formulated during the residency
Be involved in devising and constructing the exhibition space for showing your work
Be actively involved in making contacts and promoting the work.
Have the opportunity to host gatherings or social events at the venue.

Room Fees:

Room 1: £650 (per 6 week period)
Room 2: £590 (per 6 week period)


For details and application form see the website

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