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When one of my favorite bands comes out with a new album, 

I’m always quick to wonder if the new release 

will match the intensity or workmanship of past albums. 

Oftentimes I’m disappointed, other times just floored by 


So, putting aside the fact I’ve been a fan of John Palmer’s
energetic compositions and projects for some time, I think it’s a safe
bet to heave any trepidations in the rubbish bin and count his
new works in mixed media on display at Gallery IMA as a
forceful evolution of both style and emotional substance.

Maintaining emphasis on life and movement, Palmer has
always expressed himself through interplaying lines and
blocks of color that speak more to romance than
confrontation, yet stylistically he has bounced from
expressionist portraiture to innovative material
installations that make one immediately recall Rauschenberg
at his most innovative.

The works shown here scale backwards from the found objects
and non-traditional materials of previous efforts, instead
opting for a tightly cohesive series of 10 x 6 x 5” wood
boxes, each a study of his stated goal to “describe the
indescribable” and “escape the inescapable”. The physical characteristics

of the work lend a hand by jumping out at you from the wall, forcing

an immediate invitation to ponder where he is currently in this journey. It's 

definitely worth escaping reality to join him.


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