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Beyonce – “I Am… Sasha Fierce”                                        

Album Review


Here is my very own review of the legendary Beyonce’s current album called “I Am Sasha Fierce”. It is definitely recommended by me! Now it is not the most perfect album in the world. I think Beyonce went a bit too commercial just for the sake of it in the second part of the album but there are enough class songs on the album to make up for that. If Beyonce were to release around seven of these album tracks as singles, I would say they’d all make it into the top 10 at least!


“If I Were a Boy” was released from this album and it did absolutely brilliantly for Beyonce. It’s a great song and it’s actually a very simple song when you think about it. The verses are exactly the same as the choruses. The only difference is that the choruses are sung an octave higher. It just shows, you don’t have to write a hugely complicated song for it to do well. The simpler it is, the catchier it is anyway and that is what sells in the world of chart music. Now I am not a fan of the lyrics in this song, just because Beyonce kind of “borrowed” the whole concept of Ciara’s song called “Like a Boy”. If you haven’t heard that on in a while, look it up and see the similarities. I have to admit I love the Ciara one. Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” is still a keeper though!


One thing I loved about this album is the fact that it is divided into two discs. The first disc is called “I Am” and it has all the slow songs on it and the second disc is called “Sasha fierce”. That one has all of the upbeat songs. It is such a good idea to divide the album in two in this way. Whitney Houston did this on her greatest hits album but I don’t know if anyone else has done it since. It’s a great idea because when you’re lying in bed listening to slow music, you don’t want a mad dance tune coming on and likewise if you are on a high and are getting ready to go clubbing, the last thing you want to hear are mushy slow songs! I think a lot of albums should be divided in this way. One of the best tracks on this slow disc, and indeed one of the best on the album, is “Broken Hearted Girl”. I think that Beyonce does it best when she sings and writes the slower stuff. This is a truly, brilliant song and her vocals are amazing. She really gets into the song and puts meaning to the words. She co-wrote this song with the legendary Babyface and also with writers who work for Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis.


The latest release from the album is “Halo”. This song and “If I Were A Boy” are both on the first disc, “I Am”. “Halo” is currently still in the charts and it really is a lovely song. The piano playing and strings against the heavy beat sound epic. It has an airy, heavenly feel to the song because it’s drenched in reverb. Beyonce was definitely going for this heavenly feel with this one.


As I said, I loved the first disc called “I Am” and I do think it is a million times better than the second disc. Beyonce does a fabulous version of “Ave Maria” on it. Now it’s not the traditional Schubert “Ave Maria” but she does borrow pieces from the original, like the chorus and time signature. It doesn’t surprise me that Beyonce uses a hymn on this album. This was often done on the previous Destiny’s Child albums. They covered “Amazing Grace” on “Writing’s on the Wall” and on the “Survivor” album, the trio put together a gospel medley. “Ave Maria”, I think, is better than all of those destiny’s child versions. It is absolutely amazing.


There was only one song on the second disc, “Sasha Fierce”, that I liked. I have to say that the other four upbeat tracks really weren’t great in my opinion. It’s as if Beyonce is trying a bit too hard to be all electro like Britney and all “gangsta” like Jay- Z! I just don’t think it suited her. Having said that, she did nail it on one of the faster tracks called “Sweet Dreams”. I can’t fault it at all. The vocals, synthesizers, beat and piano all sound great together. This song should definitely be released as a single.


Now, I did feel a bit let down by the more upbeat tracks on “Sasha Fierce” but if I was to be honest, (which of course I always am!) I was never a fan of Beyonce’s dance tracks. They worked a treat when she was with Destiny’s Child but I’ve yet to actually go out and buy one of her solo upbeat singles. However on this album, the slow love ballads were more than enough to win me over so I’m giving Beyonce’s “I Am... Sasha Fierce”, the Tara Harrison seal of approval.

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“Long live Beyonce!”
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“i love Beyonce! She's very classy and her music inspires me.”
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