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I read The Trial while I was still in university some three decades or so ago, and no book since has stayed with me to the same degree. I've read many interpretations of the work, most asking “who is punishing him for what?” but I think they miss the point. I think I have an insight they don't. Kafka worked in insurance – I've worked in insurance. I've also had monumental battles with hospital administrations, worker's comp, and the family court system, and what he's captured perfectly is the experience of being the fly trapped in the machinations of bureaucracy, whose icy heart allows each of the many cogs in its wheels to believe themselves not responsible, the way everyone only does their tiny bit, then passes the file along to someone else, so there is never anyone who actually knows what it going on, the way it reaches a point where it truly doesn't matter anymore what the trial was about or where it started, it's only about getting through this next procedure, this next filing, this next day. That's what he's talking about, I'm sure of it – the ultimate evil.

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