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Sol Rezza, one of the must well known Latin-American sound artistes (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1982), premieres a new conceptual album called “SPIT”. This artwork is about 47 minutes long; nevertheless, the album includes aswell the 4 parts of the whole (“Paradox”, “Aerangis Confusa”, “Revolution as a Loop”, and ”The Cat”) as separate tracks.

After releasing the “Tiny Truths” album (which contains artworks selected on several international festivals –such as the Netaudio London Festival or the Festival FILE in Brasil– and even auditioned at the London Round House) , Rezza presents an artwork that challenges the conventionalisms of her own previous work.

“SPIT was actually born from its name. From the strength of the word “SPIT”. Also, from an encounter with the lake and with the sounds from the lake and, generally speaking, from the water”. Those sounds, Rezza says, “break all along, like the storm. There’s suddenly an explotion that changes everything. I think we all carry that explotion inside of us ”.

“That confronts the idea of “revolution”; that contemporary, ephemeral, “light” idea of revolution”. The artist states she believes that “revolution is precisely as a storm, a change that doesn’s depends on many people; is an inner change, of one’s own and the surrounding context. And there’s no need to scream it: suddenly a hurricane happens inside you and you want to spit everything”.

SPIT is an album mainly based on modified soundscapes. About it, Sol Rezza explains: “mofified soundscapes is used to enhance the sounds from the original soundscape; they start to tell the tale inside the original soundscape”. The duration of the pieces contained on “SPIT”, the artist explains, respect the original time of the soundscapes.
Even before the album became public, the track “Aerangis Confusa” from the album “SPIT” was selected for the Soundwaves Festival from Brighton, England.
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