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posted on 05.18.11
by Zak

The New Pop Art: Movement getting its basics straight from pop art and their Kings : Andy WARHOL and Roy LICHTENSTEIN. The New Pop Art, likewise targets a broad audience but, to do so, uses digital art techniques and giclee printing technology, to bring collectable fine artworks, from Elitism to pluralism. To achieve that, not only The New Pop Art uses ver flashy colors (mainly primary colors), but it also often removes the materials from their original context, to combine them into another situation, more comtemporary,emphasizing the subject to make it fit the present time, most often through the use of irony or humor...Happy Browsing (Le Markee)

I really hope you guys could have a "glimpse" at his website, 'cause Le Markee's work is really worth it! And specially, for the artist comments which take place on his "notes about nothing" (Tabs attached to every single artworks displayed on his gallery...It's really like being visiting a real artwork gallery, only, you have the artist whispering in your ears what his inspiration and motivation were about on every piece of artwork you take a look at. Have a nice time.


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