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     It stood out from all the other publications on the magazine stand when I past bye it. A hot pink V going from end to end, layered on to a fluorescent green.  The young man in a white jacket with his hand wrapped around a woman. Her hair looking like a SoCa beach bum, bleached wavy. I had to have it, being that is not a mainstream magazine. V magazine features the up and comers, dipped in good fashion and design. LIke Vogue the first chunk of the magazine features ads by Louis Vutton, Yves Saint Laurent, D & G. Most of these ads feel like their 10 years old, expired well passed their expiration date . Unlike Vogue, V magazine is a little less being a harlot to 40 pages of ads, till you get to the table of contents. There is also no Clique ads, L'Oreal, or some cheap skin cream to destroy your glossy fashionista browsing.

    V magazine also does not feature the same actress who will be on every other magazine cover. It is the stylish 20 something fashionista, in search of new stock. V magazines articles are well written, describing the visual effect of illumination. Not some fluff from an editor who needs to stop chatting up her boring life. Dreaming of the minute fashion walked in, with her glory. Snooze stories, flimsy editorials can't keep a stylish girl happy for to long. V magazine's editorial staff showcases new designers, embarking the current.  There is also art, highlighting an up and coming show at the Walker Art center. In addition Jason Schmidt photographs of four artists being showcased at the New Museum's triennial and performance art. Who would of guessed featuring artist under 40 would be a real pleaser for a young trendsetter.

    As I fell a sleep that night after my V magazine purchase, something caught my eye. On top of my dresser was a glow. The cover of the magazine was a glow in the dark. A giant V with glowing texted, highlighting articles. Hot pink texts places around the the glowing hot pink V stood out like signage on a building. I could not help but thing how this one simple little thing pleased me. I fell a sleep with a smile, knowing this soon to be coffee table mag will be a crowd pleaser. My 6.50 was well spent, on some couture style. 

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