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posted on 04.13.11

Deadline 11 May 2011, 6pm (UK time)

Residency Morphallaxis 05: 6 weeks from 14 Jul 2011
Residency Morphallaxis 06: 6 weeks from 30 Aug 2011


2 private rooms and 2 studios in a flexible, shared space are available, in a spacious house situated on the edge of the city centre of Manchester. The living accommodation of the house provides potential for many types of Art based activities to take place such as discussions, film screenings and social events.


The Morphallaxis series of 6 week long artist residencies has been devised as a means to progress ideas inaugurated in previous projects, both those related to the artist's personal practice, and those which have emerged through the ArtFunkl programme.

The main focus of this residency programme is to explore the use of the ArtFunkl concept, both as a venue for producing and exhibiting work, and as a source for generating projects elsewhere in the city of Manchester and its vicinity.

Previous artists in residence have employed specific attitudes towards the cultural, historical and creative structures of Manchester, and used these as generating factors. This has resulted in work which has a resonance to the surroundings, and connects with the practices of other artists in the area. ArtFunkl's aim with the Morphallaxis programme is to uncover, re-invent, and re-imagine artistic practice, relevant to the contemporary debate regarding Visual Art in the Manchester context.

These 6 week residencies are designed to allow artists:

space and time to work on their own project.
show their work during the final week of the residency
be involved in devising and constructing the exhibition space for their show
be actively involved in making contacts and promoting the exhibition.
have the opportunity to host gatherings or social events at the venue
support in realizing the above


Visual Arts
New Media
Expenses paid by artists

Room 1: £375 (per 4 week period)
Room 2: £325 (per 4 week period)

Food will be paid for be the artists, though some basics are provided. Artists will fund
their own material costs.


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