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These pieces are intended to be heard whit earphones; and, if possible, in the dark.

“Who wasn’t ever afraid?,

Who hasn’t felt like dust?

Who saw the fall of a leaf?

Who did not draw over a fogged glass?

Who didn’t wanted to be a soap bubble?

Who knows anything?

Who knows nothing?”

To Teodoro W. Adorno and Momo, my two cats.

To my mom.

After 6 months of work it's finally released "Tiny Truths". It became the personal summary of a year filled with events as 2010, and also the beginning of new paths for 2011.

Thanks to all the people that have been always by my side. Thanks ...the support of you who share with me this need for sounds and silences.
Thanks Daniel Ivan for searching questions with me.
Thanks to my mother for always been there and for opening her ears to new things.
Thanks to my family, to my dad for the long talks, to Coni for her challenging questions.

This work has passed through different stages, lots of questions, no clear answer but, nevertheless, make my heart happy.

For those who believe there's nothing better than taking risks for what we believe, against all odds. For those who constatly change.

Hope you enjoy it.

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