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posted on 05.22.09
by Arty

William Burroughs with Susan Sontag sometime during Burroughs late 70s tenure in NYC. The Victor Bockris edited "A Report From The Bunker" is a book compiled of transcriptions of conversations and dinner parties that took place at Burroughs Lower East Side residence in the mid to late 70s "The Bunker" as it was called. Aside from all the personalities you would expect at a Burroughs party you get conversations with musicians and random pop culture personalities, Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, etc.

Some remarkable stories recounted include Burroughs and Ginsberg's trip to visit Celine in France, conversations on drug use, an argument with Susan Sontag over feminism, stories about Jean Genet, Beckett, the list goes on, all very interesting to see how people relate to Burroughs dry wit and overpowering IQ. Also interesting is to read real conversations between Burroughs, a confirmed misogynist and feminist writers and icons like Patti Smith who seemed to love him in spite of the fact.

My book shelfs Burroughs section is bigger than any other section, I find being able to read Burroughs ordinary interactions with people much livelier than listening to his deadpan inanimate style of speech in spoken word or seeing him in some of the movies he was in.

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