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THE MAC ANNOUNCES TWO NEW EXHIBITIONS:  Helen Altman, Frances Bagley, Celia Eberle and Margaret Meehan: Beasts and Bunnies and Bryan Florentin: Revised/Remodeled. Exhibitions open on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 5:30pm and will be on view through February 12, 2011.


Helen Altman, Frances Bagley, Celia Eberle, Margaret Meehan: Beasts and Bunnies

Beasts and Bunnies is a group exhibition that investigates the phenomenon of four artists’ crossed aesthetic paths involving animals literally and conceptually as subject matter. The exhibition features an installation titled Call and Response.

 Animals have appeared in varying cultures, religions, mythologies, literature, art and entertainment throughout history. This project will bring together four artists to investigate “the animal” both literally and metaphorically. Helen Altman, Frances Bagley, Celia Eberle, and Margaret Meehan have all worked using animal imagery before and share a similar sensibility. Through sculpture, painting, photography, works on paper and video these artists each push and prod at the boundaries between nature and culture as well as the assumed distance between animal and human behavior.

As a group, they will look at the symbolism of the animal body and the tension between wild and domesticated. Using critical reflections on social and gender issues, the exhibition will cause the viewer to look deeper at what is “animal” and consequently at their own human nature.


Bryan Florentin: Revised/Remodeled


The photographs in Revised/Remodeled reference the view seen through the windows of a suburban house and collectively explore the relationship between window and picture, domestic space and gallery space, reality and representation. Starting from Mary Warner Marion’s observation that a simulation might be understood as “a category between the real and the false,” this work is situated in the space between the simulation and the depiction.


Call 214-953-1212 for information or visit The MAC is open Wednesday - Saturday 11 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.  For more information, visit





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