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Bobby Beausoleil - first member of the Manson family to go to jail and future electronic music pioneer, standing in front of what I believe was the Russian Embassy in SF sometime in the late 60s where Angers "Invocation of my Demon Brother" was filmed (note the Crowleyite slogan painted on door). As far as pulp true crime novels go, nothing beats Ed Sanders (of 60s punk band THE FUGS fame) sensationalizing of the Manson murders and the cultural landscape across America and specifically California in the late 60s.

Ed Sanders "THE FAMILY: THE STORY OF CHARLES MANSON'S DUNE BUGGY ATTACK BATTALION". I've read a lot of books detailing the unprecedented weirdness that was the 1960s but I can't think of a funnier more sensational take on the subject than this. In Ed Sanders wonderfully colourful language he details the hippie love ins, orgies, rock bands, cults, murders, long haired hippie dog sacrifices on Malibu beaches, beach boys befriending Manson, Polanski, it just gets weirder and weirder. The world was a much smaller place back then and you get to see the celebrities and public personalities that were somehow linked to the madness, directly or indirectly. You get the idea that the events that took place happened in a country on the brink of widespread social revolution and could never ever happen again. Most people know the book in its checkout counter edition with a lurid green Manson head adorning the cover.

On a side note mentioned in the book is Robert DeGrimston's PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT and the Toronto offices they had at the time, definitely one of the weirdest and most interesting cults I've read about. Speaking of Toronto, whats with bad rock bands here and their ridiculous occult themes? There is nothing more reprehensible to me in music/art than insincerity and having a ridiculous "armchair occultist" pose is just stupid. Not to mention all the bullshit satanic themes, how shocking is your stupid little heavy metal band with your inverted crosses and pentagrams? Why don't you burn a Koran if you got real balls!

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