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Breaking down the beats : the Essentials of Culture Shock Camp 


CSC was founded by in 1997 by DJ Shock B and Quese IMC, of the Pawnee/Seminole tribes. Their contemporary beats and DJ sets, mixed with traditional singing and drumming quickly brought them to the front lines of both hip hop and indigenous music worlds, with tracks such as 'Wounded Knee', 'Micco Rebels' and 'A Summer Dream'. 


Tagging themselves as cultural activists, Shock B and Quese have also lent their support & skills to many NPOs such as NVision, a national Native non-profit organization based in Colorado (, and NARF, the Native American Rights Fund ( They recently appeared in NARF's campaign 'Modern Day Warriors', and regularly speak at tribal colleges and high schools, events, festivals and pow wows across the country on behalf of Native Pride, wellness and keeping up the traditions of our ancestors.


Other artists in the Culture Shock Camp family include Brian Stoner, Meta, Indigo, and Happy Frejo. Designed as an ever-evolving collective, CSC regularly puts out tracks with new collaborators, recording all over the country with elders and drum groups, other indigenous activists and art revolutionaries. 


Besides from their involvement as public speakers and with the non-profits mentioned above, Culture Shock is also a regular performer at the Gathering of Nations, held in New Mexico each year, a pow wow featuring thousands of traditional dancers and performers from all over Indian Country. Following the country's biggest pow wow is the Los Altos Skate Park All Nations Jam, where music stars join Native skate pros and the  ever-so-popular fashion show featuring the latest from in Native fashion designers.


Upcoming tracks of Culture Shock Camp will include traditional flute and bomb beats, mixed by L.A.'s brilliant sound engineer Alberto Lopez. 


Turahe ! The Revolution will be INDIGENIZED. 


Please check out and for upcoming tour dates and events.



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