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After the successful exhibition of "Unwiped Windows" at the Lennox Gallery, the show will continue at the Grange St Paul's Hotel in Central London

Art critic, Libby Anson, was looking for the answer to "what are these works — paintings or poems?"

More to the point, is there any value in separating the two? (...)

The artist’s approach to creativity is in itself inseparable from the cultures that make his life story and which continue to influence his thinking and feeling.Having spent his early childhood in Albania known as, ‘the Italian’ (due to his Italian heritage via his grandparents), aged ten, he moved with his parents to Italy to be identified as ‘the Albanian’, given this is his first language; the essence of all he does ensues from this.

Even now that he lives and works in London, there is very little that is identifiably ‘british’ about his art. Unsurprisingly, given this background, Kosturi’s approach to communication via the marriage between colour and poetry is unerringly passionate and romantic – both in its language and the palette used to speak it. Even the words he uses to describe what he does and why and how seem to inhabit a prosaic place quite apart from what we brits are used to. As he says, “Every language has its own expression”.

In relation to whether he is a poet or painter he adds, “I play with colour, but there is always that conflict….. The painting and the poem actually live in symbiosis. The colour makes the writing grow in a different way. The writing becomes calligraphy, the calligraphy becomes personality and personality becomes a painting".



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