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posted on 06.23.09
by Arty

As a child, Kwangho Lee was surrounded by family members making things. His grandfather made farming and house tools, while his mother knitted sweaters and gloves. These repetitious motions inspired his latest work, Knot.

This new series of illuminated installations are made from thick electrical wire that is knotted, looped, and woven. The pieces range from closely knit sweater-like arrangements, to loosely draped chaotic loops that even evoke a bit of Eva Hesse. The installations are braided into wreaths, bell-like shades, and even hives that gently obscure the light source underneath.

Lee is interested in the instinctual element of knotting. To survive, humans had to invent a variety of knots to aid with fishing, hunting, building houses, and the transportation of supplies. He wants to tap into this ancient instinct as well as our innate need to make things with our hands. Kwangho Lee is in search of finding beauty with design that is "beyond the pleasure of precisely calculated form."

“I love this technique. Reminds me of Tim Hawkinson's sculpture: ”
Posted over 6 years ago
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