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posted on 06.17.09

When I first met Jorge Rivero, 

I was shooting the movie ‘Cage of Impostors”.  

I was directing Regina Torné in my house at 

826 North Harper Avenue.  She was the mother

of Tita in the Golden Globe nominated film 

“Like Water of Chocolate.” 


Jorge became a good friend of mine and we got 

very close, sharing experiences in the profession.  

Mr. Rivero is considered the most famous actor 

in Hispano America and sweet heart to all female 

audiences.  Time has gone by and he has grown

older while still keeping his good looks.  

Jorge, has gray hair now, however, does not 

appear to be his actual age. 


He is a major movie star in the Spanish speaking world, 

although he has appeared in American Films.  

He was the leading male actor in the movie “Rio Lobo”

along with John Wayne.  


Jorge Rivero has a long list of films internationally. 

He led productions in England, France, Italy, Spain,

Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and Puerto Rico.

He lives in his mansion located in the Hollywood Hills, California. 


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