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if media is the perversion of our desire, then art is the saviour found in the excesses of our desire. art saves us from arriving to half-dead answers that philosophy tries to lead us to. art pushes our desires to its possible limit and makes us realize that beyond the limit, there is no limit. that the excess of our desires are the excess of our existence. art is the violent liberator of presuppositions. some people approach art unidimensionally and assume art is here to simply make the world look better, or to give us something else to dream about.

in these terms, art than is only a one-night stand filled with false promises. if art ony exists to make us feel better about ourselves or to make the world look better, than it simply assumes that the world has always been lacking. what if art is speaking into what is already here? what if it is a technicolor reminder that beauty is around us and that we don't have to live and die in a fantasy to experience it? in this right, art is a saviour. it saves us from the need to escape somewhere else so we can escape to the here and now.

art is the space of non-category. the space where no frames exist. only colors that speak of narrative. of life. of imminent transcendance. art defies all logic and saves us from the enlightenment. art expands our visions of truth beyond theological assumptions and forces us to see that the world is bigger than one artist. that all the art combined is still not enough to remind of us of the here and now. so, rather than art saving us from the excess of our desires, it drowns us in it. it baptizes us and saves our soul from thinking that nothing is worth saving. it is the dripping rain on the middle of our forehead. the nagging dream that haunts us. the ambiguity of not knowing. the perpetual epiphany.

art is in a continous motion of rejection. it doesnt promise answers, in fact, in that regard it leads us to more questions because it realizes the answers will cheapen the process of enquiry. art pushes us to our existential limits. it shows us life is a process where sometimes the colors that are on the same canvas don't quite match, and why should they, because dammit, this is life! art liberates us from the need for explanatory structures and dependant cosmologies. art confuses us rather than gives us peace. and then flips it on its head and reminds us that peace and confusion are one in the same.or like van gogh once said: "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."

art denies 'truth' as the end to our ontological journey, if anything, it invites us to look beyond truth into the deeper excesses of truth. it causes us to wrestle with the existentialism that exists within truth itself. art has no end. it invites us to paint with it. art is political, religious, defiant, hopeful, angry, happy, atheistic, true, false, addicting, boring, momentous, continous, ending, confusing, and leads us to transformational encounters, where we dont get to control these enconters, but we get to participate in the process of discovery. and the conundrum is that we create the art that directs us. when we peer into a photo, a mirror, a work of art we see what is there, but we also miss what isn't there. art is the confusion we need to exist. it is life. art reminds us to dream. and when we forget, it will leave a post-it note on your door.


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