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posted on 03.16.12

Pixote Hunt & Daniel Lizzama


I met Pixote Hunt when I was President of Animex International Pictures in Mexico. He was once the Vice President of Turner Feature Animation. His actual
name is Maurice Hunt.

When he came to visit me we became very good friends. Since then, we have been like brothers.

He was nominated for the International Fantasy Award in 1995. This was for the best film, directing the movie “The Pagemaster”.

When I moved to Hollywood Pixote was the first person I encountered. We met at the Chinese Theater and he was charming as well polite and gentle. During lunch he expressed a profound interest in directing an animated film along with me.

I am planning to invite him to co-direct my upcoming animated feature film for the “Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia” IMCINE. They produced the nominated
film for the Golden Globe nominated “Like Water for Chocolate” with Regina Torné.

This Director Pixote Hunt used abstract imagery and a beautiful and pastel palette to depict a colorful tale of good versus evil. Ludwig van Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5,' was one of seven new segments created for Walt Disney Pictures' animated extravaganza 'Fantasia 2000’ and the Host segments. One of them was with Angela Lansbury.


Pixote Hunt lives in Pasadena, California.



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