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Location: Kala Gallery, 2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702 

Wednesday August 21, 2 pm

Keep Recording (40 min)

Still Recording (60 min)

Keep Recording and Still Recording are two experimental documentaries by Bassem Yousri. The first was filmed in Cairo, Egypt and the second in Philadelphia. Both films are shot with the same approach. They consist of random footage, taken with a regular video camera, of family, friends, streets and public places. The footage is arranged and edited later in an attempt to create a social and political commentary. While Keep Recording  gives a glimpse at contemporary Egyptian society and all of its contradictions, Still Recording tries to capture Yousri's experience as a foreigner in a new city and a new culture. His films investigate differences and similarities between these two societies in an indirect and rather playful way.

Keep Recording was produced in 2009 and the project came to a full conclusion by completing Still Recordingduring his residency at Kala.

Residency Projects Part I features work by Val Britton, Chris Duncan, Katy Higgins, Laura Paulini and Bassem Yousri, and runs through August 21, 2010.


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