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posted on 05.14.09

In My Own Words
Diana Kim is an illustrator breaking out of the traditional mold. Kim has constructed a scene of partygoers using paint and wood.  It can be described as a look inside an interior of a home with a cast of 20 something’s living up to the stereotype of young kids. The more I look at little details the more I find myself laughing at the little nuances that make me recall similarities between this party and the ones I’ve frequented in the past. Kim’s usage of space and dimensionality in this project is nothing like anything I have seen. Kim uses wood cut outs for the people of the party in some creative and spot on gestures that help show how talented Diana Kim is as an artist. Because this project is dimensional, it allows Kim to utilize placing people in the foreground, middle ground and background in a visually intriguing way that causes at times an overlapping effect. Each character is unique and individual and key to the party atmosphere. 
What is interesting to the look of the display is its flatness. The background is reminiscent of a movie set or play fantastically painted and with personality.  The qualities in the design and painting of each room fit very well with the party style aesthetic. From the wood cut bottles of beer on the hardwood floor to the 1970’s or 1980’s style wallpaper applied to wood with great care. The way Kim takes the wood cut characters and applies them in the space without feet is also an intriguing and unexpected aspect. By doing this, I like to think by doing this; Kim emphasizes how much these people are a staple of the party, almost like an extension of the rambunctious home. Diana Kim’s work shows an interesting young illustrator not afraid to venture into uncharted territory. “What inspired me to do dotlife was to do something fun, different, and to make something from a personal experience. I first started making wood cutouts of my close friends, showing their characters and my relationships with them. Then that lead to something bigger, why not make a whole party? I thought "if I put all my friends together at a party, what would happen?" So I just went all out and began creating my own world using all wood cutouts and mixed media. I also wanted to challenge myself in doing something out of my comfort zone, which was creating something 3-D.” -Diana Kim

-Steven Lawrence

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