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 Opening Reception: June 22,2010 6:00pm-8:00pm

Exhibition runs through: June 22, 2010-July 24, 2010

Hindol’s unique three-dimensional works capture the attention of art lovers due to his use of mixed mediums such as treated wood panels, plexiglass, and canvas. This visually striking approach commands the attention of the audience. Featuring historical figures as subjects in his works allow him to tell their stories from a new perspective. He emphasizes the fact that history in our time has become a sort of product, which is displayed well such as an exhibit. In past work he has used the images of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Gandhi by whom Brahmbatt has been heavily influenced. In reflection of his own artwork he has said, “I believe in the truth of opposites. For every argument there would be a counter-argument that can be equally valid. So I leave it to the viewers to interpret my work, and draw their own conclusions.”

About the Artist

H. BRAHMBHATT (b. 1974) has had an extensive body of work and credentials. Besides receiving an award at the young age of 13, he continued on to achieve his B.F.A. Faculty of Fine Arts at M.S.U Baroda and also Post Diploma in Painting. He continues to create works in Ahmedabad, India and will be displaying his current mixed-media creations in America at Tamarind Art Gallery.


Tamarind Art Gallery Established in 2003, Tamarind Art is an innovative forum for Indian contemporary art that inspires and challenges global audiences to embrace an understanding and dialogue about art in today's day and age. Tamarind Art encourages broad-based practices, encompassing a myriad of realms such as painting, sculpture, photography, installations, and video art projects. In addition to showcasing high caliber art, our mission is to become the premiere resource center for gaining an understanding of Indian art and artists who engage themselves into a challenging spectrum of work. In dealing with global issues that reflect contemporary society's concerns while documenting today's reality, rendered in a veritable and expressive light, these artists yield artistic versatility to Tamarind Art.


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