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Martha Mavroidi  "The garden of Rila"

Martha Mavroidi, a singer and lafta player from Greece presents her debut album “The garden of Rila”. The album is a crossroad of sounds from the Balkans. Martha has written songs that blend musics, images and stories from different parts of the Balkans.

Balkan means mountain and Rila is the highest mountain of the peninsula. There stands a monastery with a hidden garden. In its quiet yard the idea was born for these eleven songs.”

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The album features some of Greece's most prominent musicians: Pantelis Stoikos (trumpet, kaval), Alexandros Arkadopoulos (clarinet), Lefteris Havoutsas (guitar, rabab), Yiorgos Ventouris (contrabass, guitar), Kostas Meretakis (percussion), Antonis Apergis (fretless guitar), Saz Grubu (saz), Maria Melachroinou (saz), Giannis Zarias (violin), Manousos Klapakis (percussion), Kostas Theodorou (percussion), Martha Mavroidi (voice, lafta, electric lafta, saz).

The garden of Rila includes nine songs composed by Martha Mavroidi, one by Antonis Apergis and oneby Pantelis Stoikos. Lyrics by Martha Mavroidi, Eleni Fotaki, Ivan Hristov, Antonis Apergis.

Released by WE SAW Records

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