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posted on 05.13.09

For those who haven't yet picked up the new Black Dice LP, REPO, I'd say it's their best yet. It's well worth investing in the vinyl because it comes with a handmade booklet that shares the black and white, punk spirit that Glazin's video has. I just completed a 10,000 word interview-feature on them (the longest piece I've ever written!) for ANP Quarterly, so I'm still in Dice mode. The aspect to the article I lamented is that since ANP is a print mag, we were unable to show videos inside the spreads. To the internet---

Glazin' is a brand new video, in fact it was only made a few weeks ago, right before the band left for their European tour.  As I saw it in its earliest stages, it was a pile of dirty, smeared, black and white xeroxes of various imagery pulled from magazines and more. How Saguaro Giznad and his fellow travellers transformed junky photocopies into this video is beyond me. Processing is central to Black Dice's practice, though, so it's no surprise that they ran the original material through their warped system and came out with one of the coolest and smudgiest vids made in my recent memory. They'll be touring America starting in a week or two, and as a fan who has seen them play multiple times recently, I can vouch for their currently fantastic live dynamism, partly thanks to the killer batch of new videos that they are screening on-stage.

Moreover, I'd like to recommend some other Black Dice videos from previous albums, especially Tree Tops, which was made by Ara Peterson. See links below...


~~Tree Tops (by Ara Peterson)


~~Smiling Off

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