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A Romantic Dream to Sew Together Urban Pieces:

Eye Lenses ReFocalize d-r-a-m-a from dream


Sniffles and giggles shatter the glass

c r a c k s into pieces with light reflecting various people’s faces

like marble does the eyes

   blackened with


       dusts of


Sesame seed-lashed, his eye-rich prune glossed,

 Like black olives—

 I will remember

his hair

 reaching neck line, as moist thick waves

    in which I could let my hand swim

  imagine that it were dark chocolate that

   I could shovel heartily into my mouth

    and become the

  sprinkling espresso

            that wakes me CLEAN

                    from the dusty

                          coffee BEAN. 





Fingers on piano keys vertebrae my crown

into a popping ivory slide,

 My thoughts glide

    with no defined place to sit down.

Handled by ocean waves


in a café filled with people,

     rise and 

then fall   like   appetite,

ebb and wane—

 the external enters my blood stream

and I become profane.



Moving is Endless


To keep moving, searching endlessly

  on the streets of the city

Does not bring thee, necessarily

  to true freedom, sanctity


It is an obsession with glory

  with achievement’s false story

Never read in its entirety

  rather fragmented witty.   











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