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posted on 03.16.10


The first week of March in New York is always a busy one. The trees begin to thaw, the bleached snow-soaked sky softens, and New Yorkers begin to come out of hibernation. This week also marks the revival of art. After the slowness of the winter months, galleries converge with their best artists in hand. Out of all the fairs, Scope is always one of my favorites. If you were unable to make it this year, here's my personal selection of favorite galleries and artists:


1. Gregory Euclide, artist


emptied our seeing in the difficulty of our enjoyment, acrylic and fabric on canvas, 36 x 48"



2. Hous Projects Gallery: This New York based gallery has an interesting selection of emerging neo-grotesque artists that I just adore. One of the few galleries that has a solid collection of photography of a similar aesthetic. Currently they have an exhibition up called, Mineral: Contemporary Photographers and the Non-Silver Process, open until April 12, 2010 which I plan on attending. It's a group exhibition featuring the works of artists: Francis Baker, Stephen Berkman, Scott Davis, Marian Drew, and Chris McCan.

3. Karim Hamid, artist

fa.fn, oil on canvas, 48x48", private collection in Los Angeles


4. Gabriela Morawetz, artist

Le repos sur le dos II, pigment print on canvas and sailing, 175x91x8 cm


5. Hardcore Art Contemporary Space  (HACS) is a space in the Wynwood Art District, Miami whose General Director is the Museologist Andreina Fuentes, a young and promising entrepreneurial persona and art promoter on Cutting Edge and Contemporary Art. 


6. Kunsthaud Miami: represents artists such as: Daniela Edburg, Rafael Rodriguez, and Oscar Aquirre.


7. Jackie Paper, gallery

This gallery featured artist, Ryan V. Brennan.


8. Paul Hazelton, dust sculptures


  9. Opus Art Gallery, London

I actually discovered Opus last year at Scope, but the second time around was just as impressive. Some artists they've affiliated with are: Steven Dryden, Teresa Duck, and Han XuCheng to name just a few. Opus is notorious for having a large yet concise selection of inventory. Check out their website, and bask in the beauty.


11. Masanori Maeda, artist


Untitled, mineral pigment, acrylic gouache on siromashi and canvas

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