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Ellen Rogers' is an embodiment of both the melancholy and mildly fetishistic. All the while, she maintains this level of deep-seeded romanticism - subtle yet powerful. Upon speaking with Rogers, I hoped to gain a better understanding of her process. Come to find out, she prefers to keep her methodology secret, so I began to wonder what exactly about her work strikes me. Was it all process and no substance? Her history in fashion implies that perhaps her images are nothing more than visually pleasing. A closer inspection proved even the more blatant editorial work, a true artist can be found. In fact, the mystery of her technique somehow aids her overall aesthetic.  She is a glittering, dark gem in endless vanilla sands. Rogers not only considers form, composition, and color -- as any intelligent artist should -- but her work isn't solely reliant on process to be powerful. She calcultes both theme and character. The hallmarks of these considerations are confirmed in her film work as well. Although, she is newer to the moving picture a style and her unique narratives are unignorably present.


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