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posted on 05.27.09

In Clement Greenberg's seminal artical "Avant Garde and Kitsch," Greenberg talks about how he hates Kitsch/pop culture because it pilfers and destroys everything that is great about the avant garde.  Now, as much as I love his writings, I am going to have to disagree with Mr. Greenberg.  When avant garde and kitsch meet it makes, in my humble opinion, wonderfully whimsical works that can be enjoyed by all.  While some people may not get it's references or origins but they can still appreciate it on a strictly aesthetic level.  I intend to use this space as a place to post the work of emerging artists, designers, musicians and all around creators that I find interesting, whether they be avante garde or kitsch.  I love finding new bands, artists, designers, films, and websites and then exploring where everyay design is crafted so well it truly fits the description of art. This will be a platform for me to share my interests and where I hope you will share yours!

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