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Lately I have been more and more interested in menswear.  I have always loved and studied womens fashion, but on a trip to Paris recently I saw the military uniform collections at Les Invalides.  It was amazing; the beautifully tailored uniforms made me swoon thinking about the officers swaggering around town. 

The more I think about men's fashion the more I appreciate the subtle attention to detail.  I love that good menswear is really all about the man; all the great dandies had impeccably flawless personas to match their fine tailoring.

I read something said about Nancy Cunard once (a great beauty and arts figure in the twenties).  Someone described her as 'masculine and metallic;' how fabulous is that! That is exactly what I want.

 In my younger years, I really liked dressing in feminine, layered and pretty clothes.  Lately, I am more and more attracted to dark colors, and masculine tailoring.  Nothing looks better or more sexy on a woman than a fitted blazer and trousers.  There's something wonderfully subversive about it, but at the same time you never feel more feminine.

So, in honor of my menswear obsession, here are some posts on the boys.  Here are some photos from the recent fall 2010 collections...

Comme des Garcons

Raf Simons

Yves Saint Laurent

Rick Owens

“Good stuff! Glad the fashion sense of myself and my fellow gender is being noticed and appreciated. ”
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